Legal Assistance

Individuals with intellectual disabilities don’t become irrelevant because they turn 18. Their disabilities also don’t magically disappear. Far too many adults with intellectual disabilities find themselves in less-than-ideal, or even unsafe, situations because they don’t have advocacy or support to allow them to be in homes where they are safe and comfortable.

Medical Grants

There are 6,286 adults with intellectual disabilities receiving some form of government assistance in the State of Utah. This support comes in a combination of federal and state funds. Because of inherent inefficiencies in large bureaucracies, the administration of these resources sometimes lags behind the need. This gap can sometimes be as long as 6 months, particularly in cases where a Social Security recipient needs to change care providers.

Social Security GAP Loan

If you or your loved one has encountered this difficult position, whether as a caregiver or as a care recipient, the Abby Lou Foundation may be able to help through a zero-interest loan or a grant to bridge the gap between the necessary change and the actualization of the funding.

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