Providing Opportunity

Adults with intellectual disabilities are an often-overlooked demographic in our country. Americans are typically aware of children or adolescents with intellectual disabilities and the programs and aid available to them, but not many people are aware of what becomes of them once they reach the age of majority. This leaves this group of adults at the mercy of others. All too often, that means they can be left in less-than-ideal conditions and unaware of all of the options available to them. Many adults with intellectual disabilities are more than capable of living productive, purpose-filled lives and all they need is the opportunity to do so.

Our Goal is to Educate

In Utah, the home of the Abby Lou Foundation, the state works hard to care for those adults in need of care, but there is consistently a shortfall in addressing their needs on a practical level. As of the publishing of the 2020 Annual Report from the Department of Health Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD), there were 3,911 Utahns on the waiting list for services. You can review the report here. This demand on the system puts an unnecessary burden on caregivers, causing them to have to focus on administrative matters and take resources and time away from their more important responsibilities. This means many adults with intellectual disabilities encounter barriers to living self-directed lives and reaching their full potential. Our goal is to educate and work with decision-makers, family members, persons with disabilities and their providers to help this disadvantaged demographic to lead productive and happy lives free from manipulation and coercion.


Our Motivation is to Advocate

The Abby Lou Foundation seeks to elevate the quality of opportunity available to intellectually disabled adults in our communities. Through education, advocacy, and legal support, we seek to motivate families, clients, and the communities in which they live, to have high standards and to expect greatness. We can love them for who they are and never settle for less than the best.

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